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About the Webmistress
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(This page last updated: 19 October, 2016)

So, you're actually curious enough to want to know more about the person who cooked up this little corner of cyberspace, hmm?

Well, I go by waterdragon687, WaterDragon, or just WD most places online these days. I'm not very involved in social media--in fact, I'm one of the few people left in the world who's chosen not to sign up on Facebook--but I do still frequent a few different blogging communities. These are dedicated to an eclectic assortment of subjects, usually cute animals (I adore cats but am, alas, dreadfully allergic to them, and thus have to live vicariously through other people's pets), psychic/intuitive development, or RP/fanfiction for specific fandoms, and in most cases I'm more of a lurker than an active participant. My screename comes from my astrological affiliation; I'm a Pisces, a Water sign, and also born in a Year of the Dragon, according to the traditions of the Far East. And just in case it's not blindingly obvious from the content of the site, I'm a decidedly hetero female.

I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA, where I also currently reside, along with my irresistibly geeky husband. (As a matter of fact, if it weren't for our neighbors' trees, you could darn near SEE the Rockies from our backyard.) We have no children, and want none; I've chosen to concentrate on my own personal growth and development rather than raising a family, and my hubby more or less shares the sentiment. And, actually, that kind of sets the pattern; just about everything the two of us do, think, and/or support is at least slightly unconventional.

We met on the Internet, and way back in the 1990's before it was cool, I might add. Still, our cyber-romance has matured quite nicely for being such a pioneering effort; we celebrated our eighteenth wedding anniversary earlier this year (2016). And, speaking of computers, we're both huge open-source advocates. Almost every machine in our house (and the computers substantially outnumber the humans!) runs some variety of Linux, the lone exception being a Windows laptop which actually belongs to my hubby's place of work. We also share strong feelings about the environment and the need to protect it, which is why ours is the only house on this block with no front lawn. We replaced all the grass with hardy, drought-tolerant bushes, evergreens, and perennials a few years back, and are exploring alternatives to bluegrass turf for our back yard as well. And I'm always looking for ways to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint, from buying local produce (with reusable shopping bags!) to recycling as much of our trash as is humanly possible to reducing the amount of junk mail we get.

Politically speaking, we're neither fish nor fowl; we're both registered as independant voters, and if I had to pick a term to describe our personal philosophy, it would probably be "pragmatism," or perhaps Cultural Creativity. Same thing with religion: My hubby leans toward the agnostic end of the spectrum, and while I'm a MUCH more spiritual personality type (being born an INFJ, an empath, and a Highly Sensitive Person on top of it tends to do that to you) I have far too many issues with the way most religions are practiced to ever be comfortable in any kind of mainstream church. Solitary neopaganism suits me much better; the Fellowship of Isis (a reference to the great Mother Goddess of ancient Egypt, by the way, not the extremist political organization--I daresay the Lady is quite appalled by their co-option of her sacred Name!) has been the only "organized" religion that I felt like I could get behind 110%, and that only because they're a very open and tolerant bunch, and their basic tenets (Love, Beauty, Truth, and Abundance) are simple and broad, with lots of room for individuality.

Beyond that... well, my hubby is an old-school techie who works for a major computer corporation, writes fanfiction and codes up an assortment of software projects in his spare time, and reads books about quantum mechanics and astrophysics for fun. I usually list my day job as "housewife," though the full answer to what I do with my time is a bit more complicated. I do keep the household going, of course, but I'm also an aspiring fiction author, and I have a number of hobbies and sideline enterprises which include music (obviously!), reading (ditto), photography, intuitive/spiritual development, divination, playing video games, being online, observing the birds, squirrels, and other local wildlife that visit our back yard, and generally enjoying life.

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