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21 September, 2010

Well, I have to offer my apologies to all the folks who've been waiting on the stuff I promised in my last note, because (to mangle a famous Star Wars quote) "this is not the update you're looking for." I got a chance to go to ANOTHER Jimi Jamison concert in the Fargo, ND area not very long ago (good grief, I haven't been to two shows in a single summer since 2005!) but it was on rather short notice as such things go, and I didn't have a great deal of time for anything but trip stuff for a while. So that more extensive multi-artist update is still in the works, but I didn't want to wait to get this new set of live pics online--I think all my friends in the JJ fandom would start looking around for their torches and pitchforks if I tried! lol

So, for right now, there is a new (and rather long-winded) concert tale to read, plus two new galleries of live photos, one for Jimi himself and one for his special guest Fergie Fredriksen, formerly of Toto, plus the supporting band the Heartbreakers. I've also added one new entry to the CD Tower, some new thoughts and favorite songs on Jimi's artist page, and a bit of updated information in regard to buying his music on CD, as well.

Sorry again about the delay on a more site-wide update, but I'll be getting to that ASAP--watch this space!

14 June, 2010

Wow, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? Sorry for the long silence, folks--2009 was just not my year, and web stuff unfortunately had to get pushed off to the back burner again.

Things are looking up now, though--and I don't just say that because I finally managed to get to another Jimi Jamison concert. wink Although that is more or less the reason for this update; I've just finished adding a new review for the show I went to in Franklin Park, IL a couple of weekends ago, plus a new gallery of live pics. I've also made some minor updates to Jimi's artist page, and completely revamped the links for buying his music digitally and on CD, so feel free to head on over and check it out.

That's about all I have for you at the moment, but keep watching this space: Ebay has been VERY good to me in the last little while, and I have some really great stuff waiting in my "to scan" pile: rare vintage Survivor memorabilia, a boatload of new Nelson pinups, and many additional goodies from Def Leppard, Whitesnake, and the Cars. So I'm hoping to do a second and much more extensive update within the next couple of months, and I'll post again when I get that sorted out--stay tuned!

14 November, 2008

Well, here we are again... time for an update and some new things to look at!

Most of the new content is in the Hall of Hunks, as usual--I did add links to a few new resources in the Books & Writing section, and there's one new entry at the CD Tower (one I've been waiting and hoping to add for quite a while, actually wink ) but everything else is musical drool-fodder. lol

Once again, there was a particular gallery which was getting so huge that I decided to split it up to keep load-times for the thumbnail indexes down, so there is now one specifically devoted to color pinups of Kip Winger (where you will find 11 New Pics this update, incidentally) and one for other photos of him, including smaller pics, ones in black and white, and live shots (12 New Pics there). The Winger Band Gallery is in the same place as it always was, but there are 11 New Pics there, as well.

That said, however, here are the rest of the specifics:

5 New Pics in the Nelson Gallery, plus one bigger and better scan of an old image

7 New Pics in the Joe Elliott Gallery

19 New Pics in the Def Leppard Band Gallery

4 New Pics in the David Coverdale Gallery

3 New Pics in the Whitesnake Band Gallery

9 New Pics in the Joey Tempest Gallery

2 New Pics in the Europe Band Gallery #1, plus a bigger and better scan of one old photo

2 New Pics in the Europe Band Gallery #2

2 New Pics in the Rudy Sarzo Gallery

9 New Pics in the Adrian Vandenberg Gallery

And what would an update at C&S be without some new Jimi Jamison stuff? wink I don't have any new live pics at the moment, alas, but his gallery does have 1 New Pic, as well as a bigger and better scan of an old pic, and there are 2 New Pics in the Survivor Band Gallery, plus some much-improved scans of old photos here, here, and here. I've also updated Jimi's artist page to include some favorite songs and videos (with links to actually watch the latter, even!) and a review of his brand-new solo album, Crossroads Moment. Which is utterly awesome, by the by--everything I was hoping for and then some--and so I've also added a whole new page with links to places where you can purchase your own copy of the CD. grin

That does it for now... y'all have fun and I'll be back again at some point, probably once I've got new concert pics or something. wink Enjoy!

12 June, 2008

Hey, folks... it's been a while, hasn't it? 2007 was just a VERY busy year for me, and I had so much Real Life stuff going on there for a while that webmistress-ing got more or less permanently shoved onto the back burner.

I'm back now, though, and while this particular update is a fairly small one, I do have more new things to scan and so will hopefully be getting that stuff up within a couple of months. At the moment, however, I've just added a few new listings to the Instrumentals, Jazz, & New Age page in the CD Tower, and made some small changes to Jimi Jamison's Artist Page. Specifically, I've revised the essay just a bit, and added one new favorite song and a new favorite quote. I've also added a second Snocap store (where you can purchase the entirety of Jimi's Empires solo album in .mp3 format) to the MP3 Downloads page, so don't forget to go check that out, as well.

The biggest part of this update, however, is a gallery of 36 new live photos and a new Jimi Jamison concert review! That's right, I finally made it to another Jimi show, and the results are now ready for viewing. grin So enjoy that, and look for another update by the end of this summer. (Assuming nothing goes haywire, that is--which is always possible around here! lol )

24 April, 2007

Hey all... well, at long last, I am finally back again with an update--and it's a doozy! As you've probably already noticed, C&S has gotten a major facelift, and there's been a lot of code tightened up, as well--as evidenced by the Valid HTML and CSS buttons on many different pages. You can click the HTML button to check the validation yourself if you like, but you'll just have to trust me about the CSS documents. lol

As with the last update, it would take an age to detail EVERY change that's been made, so suffice it to say that there are new page layouts and new (or improved) graphics all over the place, although the content is basically the same, with a few small exceptions--I've added one or two things to the listings in the CD Tower, removed a couple of dead links from the Recommended Fanfiction, etc. The main index and the Sexiest Men In Rock are the pages that saw the heaviest redesigns, so if you have any feedback about those, by all means, pass it along! My email is listed on the Link and Contact Info page, or you can also sign the C&S Guestbook. (I'd actually prefer the latter, the guestbook hasn't had a new entry in an age!)

Going back to content, however, there is plenty of new drool-fodder in the Hall of Hunks this update--enough that I actually had to split a couple of existing galleries into two parts to keep load times for the thumbnail indexes down! Here is a listing:

12 New Pics in the Per Gessle & Roxette Gallery

7 New Pics in the Nelson Gallery

13 New Pics in the Joey Tempest Gallery

A whopping 29 New Pics in the newly divided Europe band galleries--12 in Gallery #1 and 17 in Gallery #2

15 New Pics in the John Waite & Bad English Gallery

6 New Pics in the Rudy Sarzo Gallery

And, of course, what update at C&S would be complete without some new stuff about Jimi Jamison? wink There are 2 New Pics in his gallery and 5 New Pics in the Survivor Band Gallery, and I've split the Jimi video captures up into two parts, one for the Live In Japan caps, and the other for caps from various music videos--where, incidentally, you can find 11 New Captures from the video for Jimi's solo song "I'm Always Here." I've also made some minor revisions to the essay on his artist page and added a new favorite song, and I've also put up an entirely new page embedded with the code for his Snocap store, where you can download MP3's of rare and otherwise unreleased tracks for a nominal fee per song. (And he's got some great stuff available, so if you, too, are a JJ-fan, be sure to go check it out! Unfortunately, the code that Snocap supplies to embed the store in a webpage isn't compliant with W3C standards for valid HTML, and I don't know enough about Flash apps to be able to fix it, so I guess I'll just have to leave it as-is for now and hope it works for most users.) I also hope--if all goes well, touch wood--to have some more new live pics and a new concert tale up soon, but that won't be for another few weeks, so stay tuned...

Whew! I think that was everything. So, enjoy all the new stuff, and hopefully I'll be back again before too much time passes--though I have a feeling my neglected herd of plot bunnies may be getting ready to stage a mutiny, so I may be more occupied with writing projects than web stuff for a while. lol Have fun, y'all!

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