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19 October, 2016

Well, obviously this update is happening much later than I thought it would... but, late being better than never, here I am. It's also something of an incomplete update; I only started working on it in earnest a couple of weeks ago, and had something of a personal deadline to meet (more on that next time) so I sort of had to pick and choose from among all the different things I originally wanted to get accomplished.

Nonetheless, I did get some things done; I've removed the "mourning colors" from Jimi's Wing at last, and also added a new Concert Tale, a "sneak preview" of ten pics taken at the same show (a full gallery is still in the works), and finally a whole new section called the Memorial Gardens. You can find my own tribute to him there now, as well as a number of other writings, and eventually there will be an account and pics from the original Rock'n'Beale tribute show held in Memphis in October of 2014. (That was another thing I didn't have a chance to get completely organized in time for this update.)

I'm also in the process of converting the entire site to HTML 5, and am nowhere near done with it. Out of all the pages on the site, only about a quarter of them have had their code updated so far, however the change should be more or less transparent to the average visitor. Updating the code is a fiddly and rather time-consuming process, and most browsers render each page independantly of anything except the internally linked CSS documents anyway. So it shouldn't really matter that there will be a mix of stuff coded in 5 and 4.01 transitional for a while, and I can just work on that project as I have time.

And finally, I've made the decision to remove the message board from the site entirely; you can read more about why in the updated Site FAQ.

Thanks for visiting, and hopefully I'll be back again before too many months go by.

30 September, 2014

Hi, all--just a quick note to say that I've finally finished writing my personal tribute to Jimi Jamison, and you may find it here.

9 September, 2014

This is... an update that I wish with all my heart I didn't have to make.

Many of you who are regular visitors to C&S very likely have heard the sad news already, but Jimi Jamison died very suddenly and unexpectedly some days ago, on the 31st of August. I'm still pretty shell-shocked about the whole thing; he wasn't ill as far as I know, and seemed like he was as full of energy and enthusiasm for life and his music as always. But, in honor of his memory, I've made a few changes to his Wing in the Hall of Hunks. No real new content as yet (though I'm working on a tribute, and have a few last photos to add to the galleries) but the decor (so to speak) has been changed, plus a few other small things. The rest will likely be added piecemeal, as I get time; Real Life has really had me on the run of late, in more senses than one.

Many thanks to everyone who's visited during the last week or so, and I hope you'll return as I get more things finished and online.

10 May, 2013

Hi everyone--I'm finally back with another update. To begin with, I've given C&S what you might call a thorough and long-overdue housecleaning--I've gone through the entire site, page by page, and either removed or changed any outdated information and/or links I found. Mostly this was in the Books & Writing section and the Nonfiction Corner; I've cleaned up the Recommended Fanfiction page quite a bit and added numerous new things to the My Other Interests page, plus I've made a few small cosmetic changes across the site to improve text readability and added update notices at the top of many pages, so that visitors will know just how old the content they're looking at really is.

As far as the Music section goes, I've updated the Instrumentals, Jazz, & New Age listings at the CD Tower, and naturally there is some new drool-fodder in the Hall of Hunks. In fact, I had enough pics to add this time that I've split the old Nelson gallery up into two, with one section devoted specifically to the Nelson brothers themselves and one to their epynonymous band, and I've also divided up the Def Leppard band gallery in a similar fashion to what I did with the Europe galleries a couple of updates ago, with one section for Hysteria-era pics and another for photos from the Adrenalize era onward. The new pages and content can all be found at the following links:


15 new pics in the Nelson Brothers Gallery

4 new pics in the Nelson Band Gallery

10 new pics in the Joe Elliott Gallery

10 new pics in the Def Leppard Band Gallery #1

5 new pics in the Def Leppard Band Gallery #2


As you've probably come to expect, I've also updated the Jimi Jamison Wing; there are three new galleries' worth of live photos there, from two different Survivor concerts I attended during the summer of 2012 (Hoffman Estates, IL and Olathe, CO) plus a charity benefit show that Jimi did with Fergie Fredriksen and Heartbreaker on March 1st of this year in St. Paul, MN. There are also new Concert Tales for those same three shows, and I've updated the CD Buying and Digital Music Pages, added a couple of new favorite songs and revised the essay on Jimi's artist page, and included a few new bits and pieces on the Music Videos and Links pages.

So, that's the lot for now... I still have a few things left in my "to scan" pile, and I'm planning on attending at least one other concert later this summer, so I should (I hope) be back again before too many months go past. But life has a habit of throwing curve-balls at me when I least expect it, so we will see... until then, though, enjoy!

20 June, 2012

Hi folks... long time, no update, huh? Well, I haven't actually fallen off the face of the planet, though I have been giving a stunningly convincing imitation. I won't go into tremendous detail about what's been keeping me away from my webmistress duties for so long, but suffice it to say that Real Life has been picking on me unmercifully, and I'm very much ready for a break from it all. Sigh.

Still, I did manage to scrape together enough free moments to finally get some new content put together for the site, and I'm hoping I'll be able to do another update by late summer or early fall, once concert season is over (though given my track record, I wouldn't advise anyone holding their breath on that score!). Anyway, in the meantime, I've updated the Site FAQ and also done some cleanup work on the Recommended Fanfic page--I removed a bunch of dead links, fixed a couple of others, and added one or two new ones. I've also updated the CD Tower to reflect some recent(ish) music purchases (and surprisingly enough, they don't all have to do with Jimi Jamison lol ).

Jimi does have his part to play in this update, however, and it's a pretty large one. I've done a complete redesign of his section in the Hall of Hunks--I've joked for a long while that he practically had his own wing there anyway, so I figured what the heck, might as well make it official. lol I've moved over all the existing content (image galleries, etc.) and changed the old pages to auto-redirect to the new ones, for the benefit of anyone coming in off a bookmark or an outdated search engine result. I've also added or updated a BUNCH of other pages, including a new concert tale and three (!) new galleries' worth of concert photos that I took last August at a show in Red Wing, Minnesota with my spiffy new digital SLR camera. (And which turned out freakin' AMAZING, even if I do say so myself!) For all the other new goodies, click on over and check out the new Jimi's Wing main index; everything with new or added content is marked.

There is a bit of other new drool-fodder at the Hall, also:


3 New Pics in the Kip Winger Pinup Gallery

1 New Pic in the Winger Band Gallery

1 New Pic apiece in all three Europe galleries--Joey Tempest, Europe 1, and Europe 2

1 New Pic in the Ben Orr Gallery

and 5 New Pics in the Cars Band Gallery


So, that's the lot for now... I still have other things to scan (Nelson, Whitesnake, and a few more old Survivor pics) but those will have to wait for the next update, which I sincerely hope will not be another two years in coming. lol Enjoy!

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