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Chord and Sorcery Site Disclaimer

This is a fansite. I created it first and foremost as a vehicle for self-expression, and as a means to meet and network with other fans, and that is all. I make no profit from it beyond the satisfaction of a finished project and--I hope--a job well done. I do not speak for the various bands and artists mentioned around the site, and I am not affiliated with their management, recording companies, or any other official entity.

Also, please note that while I have made an effort to ensure that all factual information presented on the site (such as artists' birth dates, etc.) is as accurate as I can make it, do not regard it as gospel truth; I am only as good as my own sources. Furthermore, all opinions expressed herein are my own. You certainly have the right to disagree with them, but if you choose to express your disagreement by sending me email telling me that I'm the biggest loser you've ever seen in your life and/or that I'm going straight to hell, then be aware that it is MY right to laugh at you and dump said email into the bit-bucket. Likewise, while constructive criticism of the site and its content is welcome, flames and obvious trolls left in the guestbook, particularly those containing profanity, are subject to deletion at my discretion.

Chord & Sorcery Site Credits
Clipart & Animated GIFs

Lord Kyl's Realm

Free Heraldry Clipart

All Free Clipart
(Source of the wonderful "rock and roll dragon" graphics used on the main index)

I can't remember where I got each and every one of the emoticons used around the site (I went through a LOT of archives...) but I do know that some of my favorites came from Fool's House


Pretty much all the backgrounds used on Chord & Sorcery came from:

The Absolute Background Textures Archive
The Absolute Background Textures Archive - Image Link

The one exception, however, is the bat background used on Alice Cooper's profile and gallery pages, which came from the Halloween section of this site:

ZaZa Free Web Graphics - Image Link
Logos & Buttons

Most of the name banners on the artist profile pages were made at

I am also greatly indebted to for their collection of free resources for webmasters, including premade graphics, free TrueType fonts, and online button-maker.

And finally, all the navigation buttons on the image gallery pages are courtesy of AAA Buttons

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