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My Picks for The Sexiest Men In Rock
(This page last updated: 19 October, 2016)
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Just so you know--this listing is arranged by (approximately) the order in which I discovered each man; trying to rate them all on some kind of absolute scale would be the end of what little sanity I have left!

NOTE: Most of the pictures in the various galleries below are either scans I have made myself from actual glossy photos, magazine clippings, pinups, etc. or screenshots taken from commercially released video footage. I usually note in the "alternate text" where I found the photo in question, as well as a date if I have (or can infer) that information, but as I have acquired much of my collection via Ebay, it's not always possible to determine just which magazine something was clipped from. (Most modern web browsers allow you to view the alternate text of an image by right-clicking it and selecting "properties" from the pop-up menu.) However, I have also included a thin scatter of favorite pics collected from elsewhere on the Internet, and in most such cases, I've had those pics for so long that I no longer recall where they came from. If you run across something that you have a claim on, please contact me and I will either remove the image or credit you and add a link to your site.

David Bowie as Jareth, 1986


(aka David Bowie)

I suppose it's apropos that my first crush was a character from a fantasy movie played by a rock star. David Bowie himself is an undeniably seminal figure in the world of music, but for the most part he's a bit too "out there" for my taste; the only time that I ever really liked him as himself was during the mid- and late 1980's--the same time, I gather, that most of his fans consider his "sellout" period.

The character of Jareth, however, which he brought magnificently to life in the 1986 film Labyrinth, is timeless. Elegant, raptorial, and capable of filling out a pair of tights in a way that turned at least one 13-year-old's world upside-down, the King of the Goblins is, IMO, some of the best scenery ever to grace a theater screen. (And, just for the record, I thought the hairstyle was fabulous. Any references to "fright wigs" made in my hearing will earn you such a glare!)

Roxette, circa 1990

Per Gessle, shown here with band-mate Marie Fredriksson


I seem to be one of the few Americans left who not only remembers Roxette from their brief success here in the early 1990's, but who has also continued to follow their still-thriving international career afterward. This enduring interest springs in large part from the fact that I absolutely love their music, but also because I've been lusting after Per Gessle, the male half of the duo, ever since I first glimpsed him in the music video for "Dangerous." Tall, dark, and Swedish, he's a talented singer and musician, and arguably one of the best pop songwriters ever.

Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, the Nelson Posterbook, 1991

Matthew & Gunnar Nelson


Double your pleasure, double your fun! Twin brothers Gunnar (left) and Matthew (right) come from a very famous family; they're the sons of Rick Nelson and grandsons of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, stars of the popular 1950's TV series. They've a generous portion of talent of their own, however, and are quite handsome fellows on top of it. Oh, and despite their being (more or less) identical twins, I do have a favorite: Matthew. He describes himself as the more thoughtful and spiritual of the two, so we'd probably have more in common, and his smile is just that little bit sweeter. I also liked his hairstyle better--gotta love that little spray of bangs. And, well, he plays bass.

Joe Elliott, late 1980's

Joe Elliott

(Def Leppard)

I have heard Joe Elliott claim to be neither good-looking nor a particularly good singer, but I daresay that there are plenty of girls around the world who would dispute both points, myself included. His voice might have a bit of a rough edge, but it's hardly unpleasant, and with a hunky physique, a smile that invariably reaches his eyes, and a generous dose of working-class British charm, he is a long, long way from unattractive.

Kip Winger, from the June page of the 1990 Winger calendar

Kip Winger


If ever there was a true manifestation of the HBP, this gentleman is it. Still pics really do not do Kip Winger justice--you have to see him in action. Apparently he's trained in classical ballet, and is thus a great deal more graceful than your average rock star. He also wears leather pants extremely well, and I'd swear the man can raise the temperature of a room by ten degrees with his eyes alone. I know he's always been somewhat impatient with the image that got attached to him during the Winger years, and he is far more than merely a pretty face, but man, he deserved the title of "The Sexiest Man in Rock and Roll!"

David Coverdale, circa 1987; provenance unknown

David Coverdale


Living proof that the Brits do everything with more style, David Coverdale was literally catapulted into fame overnight when he became lead singer for the legendary hard rock band Deep Purple in the early 1970's. He is, however, probably better known for his own project, Whitesnake, which was a fixture on both MTV and the singles charts during the latter part of the 1980's. And with reason--this was a band who not only sounded good, thanks to stellar musicians and DC's own talents at singing and songwriting, but who took the delicate art of driving women wild to completely new heights. And no one was more responsible for that than the "Head Snake" himself; with a sinuous grace that, appropriately enough, could be described as "serpentine," craggy good looks, and a sheer presence that comes across even on TV, David Coverdale is a very, very sexy man. And I'd swear that some of the things he does with a microphone stand are illegal in several states...

Robin Zander, late 1980's; provenance unknown

Robin Zander

(Cheap Trick)

I have heard Robin Zander described on numerous occasions as a "babe magnet," and I can find no reason to dispute the appellation, as he is, indeed, quite magnetic. He also has an incredibly versatile voice--ranging from a velvety purr to a wail that could shatter glass--eyes to drown in, and an air of lazy sensuality that drives me utterly to distraction.

Joey Tempest, 1986

Joey Tempest


What is it with me and Swedes? Well, I can't explain it, but what is certain is that both Joey himself and the band he sings for are some of Scandinavia's finest exports. Joey has a fantastic voice, not to mention good looks, great hair (no perm-bashing around here, please!) beautiful eyes, and loads of talent. And he looks absolutely heavenly in leather pants!

Benjamin Orr onstage in Paris, France, 1978

Benjamin Orr, 1947 - 2000

(The Cars)

Ric Ocasek may have been the mind behind the Cars, and he might well be the band's most recognizable member. But a second name begins to jump out at you from the "vocals" credit when you consider all of their songs that ever became hits--and that name is Benjamin Orr. With his sensual voice, good looks, and piercing blue eyes, Ben was, IMO at least, the definite heartthrob of the group, but he was also a great musician (he took up bass duties within the Cars but actually played a number of instruments) and, as his 1986 solo album amply demonstrates, he had a measure of talent at songwriting as well.

By all accounts, Benjamin Orr was a consummate professional and a sincerely nice man--a true class act, through and through. Alas, he succumbed to pancreatic cancer in October of 2000 at the far-too-young age of 53, and the loss was a cruel one to fans and colleagues alike. We miss you, Ben...

Alice Cooper, provenance unknown

Alice Cooper

Perhaps the most... hmm, unlikely name here, Alice Cooper is nonetheless quite a fascinating man, both onstage and off. I've heard him described as a "gangly succubus," and despite the gender confusion ("incubus" would have been the proper term; succubi are female demons) it's still pretty apt. Oh, all the fake blood and gruesome stage-props can be a bit off-putting, certainly, but he's not a bad-looking man when you get right down to it--those icy-blue eyes in particular are really something else. And given the evidence of the work he did during the late 80's and early 90's, I think he's pretty much proved that he can be VERY seductive when he wants to be.

(And anyway, don't we all deserve a bit of a forbidden thrill now and then? winking emoticon )

Jimi Jamison, circa 1989; from a Paradise Artists promotional photo

Jimi Jamison, 1951 - 2014


Considered by many (myself included) to have been one of the top male rock vocalists in the world, Jimi Jamison was involved in a number of bands over the course of his long career, including Target, Cobra, One Man's Trash (with German musician and songwriter Fred Zahl) and of course Survivor, plus numerous projects as a solo artist. Possessed of a truly extraordinary singing voice, he was also a fine songwriter, an incredible live performer, an all-around nice guy, and, frankly, hotter than ought to have been legal. All of which I can personally vouch for, since I had the luck and great pleasure of meeting him in person on several different occasions. (I only wish there could have been even more... sad emoticon vigil emoticon )

UPDATED - 19 October, 2016
Due to the sad events of September 1, 2014, Jimi's Wing has been renamed. Henceforth, it will be known as:
Most content remains the same; you can still find such familiar pages as My Thoughts & Favorites, scanned image galleries, video captures, and photos I've taken at concerts, plus many extra goodies including CD and MP3 buying info, music videos, links, and digital image manips. However, one entirely new section has been added in this update, called the Memorial Gardens, in order to pay homage to his memory.
John Waite, circa 1989

John Waite

John Waite may be more at the lean-and-intense end of the attractiveness spectrum than the hunky one, but he has other features that more than make up for any lack of bulk, including amazing eyes, a great singing voice, and loads of talent.

Rudy Sarzo, circa 1988; provenance unknown

Rudy Sarzo

One of the only men on the list who isn't primarily a vocalist, Rudy Sarzo has been involved with more big-name bands than you can shake the proverbial stick at, including Blizzard of Ozz (Ozzy Osbourne's backing group), Quiet Riot, Dio (very recently), and the one I know him best from, Whitesnake. He's probably one of the most accomplished rock bassists in the world, and definitely one of the sexiest. It's undeniable that he's very good-looking, but it's the way he moves that really gets me hot under the collar--well, and there's that whole thing with licking his bass... swooning emoticon

Adrian Vandenberg, circa 1987; provenance unknown

Adrian Vandenberg

Whether you think of Adrian Vandenberg in the context of his own self-titled band or his years with Whitesnake, you've got to admit that he's a pretty hunky individual in addition to an amazing guitar player and a talented songwriter. He's been aptly described by bandmate David Coverdale as a "blond Viking"--though I'd dispute the "from Hell" part since he seems to be an utter sweetheart of a man.

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